Muppets Most Wanted: Film Review

Muppets Most Wanted hits cinemas today and we were lucky enough to get a chance to see what we thought last month at an exclusive special advanced screening at Leicester Square. There were lots of firsts that cold Sunday morning – first cinema trip for Boo, first time on the tube without a pram (felt […]

House of Fraser Pied a Terre Dress

Mother of the Boo Outfit

With Boo’s Baptism two weeks away, there is the small matter of my outfit. Mother of the Boo is an impressive title but what should I wear? I don’t think it needs to be said that I will be wearing my fashion staple, a dress. Well that didn’t take long to narrow down, but is […]


Confessions of a part time baking fraudster

It’s national baking week this week and in our house we all love a bit of cake. It’s an easy lunch box filler and a fresh cake always bring the family together along with a pot of tea. Ok so I sound like the Martha Stewart of the north with images of me whipping up […]

M&S Duck Sound Book

Quack O’clock

At 1.30 this morning I made a promise to Boo that if she went to sleep in the next half an hour I would buy her a pretty pair of shoes. We won’t be shoe shopping today or even this week! Boo decided at 10pm that it was time she got up for a late […]

You're Invited to Boo's Baptism

Boo’s Baptism – you’re invited!

Mummy and Boo are pleased to announce the baptism of Boo on Sunday 11th November. It’s something that we’ve intended to do since before she was born but wanted to make sure that the timing was right, something that is not often the case in family life. We’re delighted that my school parish of Sacred […]

Boo's Health Hurdles

Boo’s Health Hurdles

It’s hardly news that Boo was premature. We were blessed to be told by a doctor when she was still too small that we should take our daughter home and enjoy her. We did exactly that and we’re having an amazing time! Recently it’s become clear that Boo has a few health hurdles to overcome. […]