Forget Valentine’s Day, the most awkward day of the entire year to be single is New Year’s Eve. Let me be more specific, whilst being single on New Year’s Eve is the land of opportunity for meeting someone new; as a single parent it’s the one time of year when… View Post

It’s Boxing Day night and I’m sat here with my glass of Baileys after laying with Boo while she fell asleep and I can honestly say this Christmas has been one of the loveliest and most peaceful and I think I know why… a 48 hour social media hiatus. 48… View Post

“A mouse took a stroll in a deep dark wood, a fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good…” I only need to say these words and Boo will scamper and fetch her beloved and somewhat tattered copy of The Gruffalo. Since it’s publication in 1999, The Gruffalo has… View Post

If you’re wondering why it’s been quiet on the Mummy and Boo front it’s because we’re sick, mark our door with a red x and steer clear. Boo’s just getting over pneumonia – it’s her first of the season which considering her health hurdles is great and shows how well… View Post

Chances are there’s not a single one of you reading this who haven’t read The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr; it’s an institution, a sure winner no matter how many times I suggest it as Boo’s bedtime story. But can you imagine it as a play? We… View Post