So there is a distinct possibility that there may be actual snow in London this week, so you may be clicking here expecting to see weather appropriate choices for Want It Wednesday – if you after advice on what to wear when it’s snowing, then check out my ‘What to… View Post

It’s 12 years since I first experienced a New York winter and I can still remember looking out of the plane window as the first sight of mainland US and being completely in awe at the snow – it was like a winter blanket, everything was covered. It was probably… View Post

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Want It Wednesday of 2017; now I don’t know about you but I’m so over the sales – yes I love a bargain but there’s something about the start of January that sees me attempting to streamline my life (and wardrobe) and… View Post

Our VIP tour of both Universal and Islands of Adventure with the amazing Katrina over two days is one of those experiences that will stay with us forever, seeing us making lifelong memories; plus we learnt SO much about the amazing parks. I’m not going to lie before our holiday… View Post

I don’t know about you, but modern motherhood is one of the greatest joys – I’m able to have it all, being around for Boo and having a flexible career with the blog plus running our busy houeshold. But with the amazing positives there is also the reality of trying… View Post