Last week reminded us what a difference a day can make with British weather, on Thursday I was wearing a mini shirt dress with zara sandals and just over 12 hours later I was getting battered by the rain (hello drowned rat look) on my commute into the city. With… View Post

Popping to the pub for a quick one with Boo is not a sentence I ever imagined myself saying but then The Greyhound, Carshalton is so much more than a pub; and a stroll through the graveyard for a midweek Mummy and Boo early evening date is so much more… View Post

A while back in summer, Boo and I headed to Asda’a beauty breakfast at The Soho Hotel. We were greeted to a room full of tasty treats and all the beauty brands from Asda – Boo made a be-line for the tasty macaroons and the good enough to eat bubble… View Post

“Brush your teeth Boo then put your shoes on!” It’s something I say every single day. Brushing your teeth is second nature, we could all do it in our sleep: toothbrush + toothpaste + 2 minutes = your twice daily teeth cleaning routine. So what happens if we drastically change… View Post

Ten years ago today we packed up everything I’d bought from Tesco and Ikea into Mama’s car and drove the 198 miles from home to Lincoln. Ten years ago today I waited nervously to collect my room keys with not a single clue o were I was going. Ten years… View Post