OUST: The Orginal Spring Clean

Yes I know, spring should be about new trends, planning summer getaways and spring cleaning your wardrobe – yet cast your mind back ladies (and gents!) to what spring cleaning really means: It’s time to don those rubber gloves and #oustyourhouse. No one said spring-cleaning was glamorous, but unless you have an army of cleaners […]

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Me and Pudsey

Pudsey’s Family Fun Day at St Pancras International

Last Saturday I was invited to the Pudsey’s Family Fun Day at St Pancras International in aid of BBC Children in Need; with Boo in hospital at the time it felt like a great event to support. There was an action packed day on offer to families with activities including: Pudsey Bear’s picnic, treasure hunt, […]

All The Ladies

When It Comes to Women’s Health, Mums Know Best

No beauty or fashion posts from me today; today I’m talking about women’s health. Ok so it may not be every woman’s favourite topic of conversation but it’s pretty important, yet there still seems to be reluctance to talk about it, the big question is why? All things Gynae (yes there I said it) affect […]

Boo had pneumonia

This Time It’s Pneumonia

I thought we were done with hospitals (well in-patient status at least) but it seems I was wrong. Boo was admitted to hospital today and diagnosed with pneumonia – likely to be in both lungs. As I write this I can’t believe we’re here; not that we’re somehow above this surprisingly common but extremely painful […]

Philomena and Martin

Philomena: Film Review

I’ve got a confession to make: I haven’t been to the cinema since I was pregnant – that’s over two years ago! Before Boo I loved going to the cinema as for me it felt like the ultimate time out, no phones, no conversation, no distraction the perfect me time. I was invited to a […]

Enjoying gorgeous prams and gorgeous smoothies!

Joolz Blogger Breakfast

Last week I was invited to the Joolz Blogger Breakfast at the Boundary Rooftop (it’s amazing, definitely somewhere to add to my little black book!). It’s no secret that up until recently I’ve been a die hard Buagboo fan , however adjusting to life with just a basic stroller after thinking Boo was too big […]

Halloween Boo

Halloween: The Boo Debate

It’s just over a week away until Halloween (like you need me reminding you!) and I still haven’t decided whether we’re ‘doing it’. As a child we never celebrated Halloween and I never really got it as an adult with all the fancy dress and ghoulish parties; I was pretty sure nothing would change with […]


Astral Review

Astral is one of those products that I immediately associate with my Grandma – I have fond memories as a child of playing at her dressing table with her vintage popper beads, her rings and her face cream. So when I asked to try Astral I didn’t expect much; I’m a sucker for sophisticated and […]

Where Should I Spend The New Year?

Whether you like it or not the festive season is fast approaching and with the majority of my Christmas shopping done (yes I am that annoying type of person who likes everything done and dusted by the end of October) and plans for the big day all sorted, it’s time I turn my attention to […]

Thomson The Dog

Thomson Family Resorts: The Mummy and Boo Lowdown

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave last week me and Boo jetted off to Majorca with Thomson to see what their Thomson Family Resorts had to offer. Despite living not a million miles from Gatwick, Thomson very kindly arranged for us to stay at the Sofitel Hotel (it’s literally attached to the North Terminal […]

Boo in a hospital gown

A Hard Week and a Shed Load of Saying Sorry

The last week has been one of the hardest ever. Lots of pain, lots of tears, lots of unknowns. Boo’s operation was textbook if not distressing but the 12 hours that came after were a rollercoaster of emotions and worry. Her heartbeat was so high it had the doctors worried; we still don’t know exactly […]