It’s been one of those days, Boo’s been home sick from school for the second day – a non descript virus that seem to be endlessly doing the rounds. In between the “Mummy my head hurts, Mummy my ear hurts, Mummy my tummy hurts” and the requests to tickle her… View Post

It’s the beginning of February which means like it or loath it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I’m not a major hearts and flowers type of girl but one thing I love about Valentines is it’s the perfect excuse to watch my favourite romantic blockbusters. I’m a big fan of… View Post

Anyone who knows me knows that I laugh. A lot. Apart from when I’m crying about the cold – which reminds me it’s time to book our next adventure! But according to research carried out by Royal Caribbean it would appear that I’m in the minority as one in five… View Post

After months of keeping it under wraps I’m super excited to finally be able to say that we’ll soon be moving and it’s going to be one of our biggest adventures to date! I’ve made no secret of wanting to eventually emigrate so it may surprise you that instead of… View Post

It’s no secret that winter isn’t my favourite season; and it has a lot to do with hair. Winter is the season for dry, frizzy, and rather blah hair and there’s only so much conditioner a girl can slather on in the hope of lovely looking locks. Rush Hair invited… View Post