Another London Fashion Week draws to an end and with it we say goodbye (for now) to some of the most amazing and innovative designers who chose to showcase their laters collections in the capital. Believe it or not, I’m not wonder woman, so this year I decided to heavily… View Post

What a difference a week makes, last Friday there were flash floods and today there is nothing but blue skies as we’re treated to a final encore of summer. With the house renovations this year, I’ve been excited to see the garden come together. Gone are the flower beds and… View Post

A couple of weeks ago when I shared my Thoroughly Modern Mother Dilemma I completely left out any mention to online dating; the reason why? It’s because I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a whole mini saga in it’s own right. Dating has never been the smoothest of… View Post

I spend a lot of time on Facebook as part of my job so it’s no surprise that I learnt of the impending #Brandgelina divorce on Tuesday afternoon. It didn’t take long for my social media timelines to be flooded with the Jennifer Anniston GIFs; for what it’s worth I… View Post

Last week reminded us what a difference a day can make with British weather, on Thursday I was wearing a mini shirt dress with zara sandals and just over 12 hours later I was getting battered by the rain (hello drowned rat look) on my commute into the city. With… View Post