Operation Yummy Mummy: The Lincoln 10k

Despite numerous calls from loved ones and all those with an ounce of common sense not to do the 10K on Sunday; I donned my Lycra and headed to the start line for the 16th Annual Lincoln 10K Road Race. Behind the smile I was panicking. I’d hardly done any training in the last two […]

Silent Sunday

Mousey in Teapot


Mothers Day: 34 Weeks under Mummy Rule

Mummy Rules

All week it’s been impossible to escape the constant reminders that Mothers Day is upon us. Ever since I was a young child I have always thought of Mothering Sunday as really special and an opportunity to show my Mummy just how much I love and appreciate her.   Tomorrow is my first Mothers Day […]

Operation Yummy Mummy: The Motivation of a Bed Ridden Amoeba

Right so I’m just over half way through my ludicrously short training schedule for the Lincoln 10K and as the voice of truth in my head predicted I’ve not been for enough runs. Despite having all the best intentions and even enjoying myself once out on a run, when it comes to the crunch at […]

Operation Yummy Mummy

Necky offering me some encouragement

Yes I’m a lunatic but my latest efforts I fear will prove a leap of madness too far even for me. With only 19 days to go I’ve signed up for the Lincoln 10K. Before my pregnancy I had the running bug. In fact through training for the 2010 Lincoln 10K and continuing afterwards I […]

World Book Day: What are you reading?

Our Family Bookshelf

In case you hadn’t noticed today is World Book Day.  The stinkies came home armed with worksheets from various school activities and the obligatory £1 book tokens.  I’ve enjoyed a beautiful love affair with reading from an early age and am really pleased that the stinkies are starting to see what a great escape books can be.  […]