Want It Wednesday | 31st May

Greetings from Mummy and Boo HQ, I’ve had a great week of catching up with fiends aka wandering through the endless delights of Zara and the like and I’ve collated the very best of what I’ve spotted.

First up is the M&S dress of the summer, designed to suit everyone I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit late to get on board with this self titled capsule piece of the season – but I’ve warmed to its high neckline and potentially awkward hemline – this is a piece I can see me wearing year in year out, it’s standout but in a relaxed way and as with all dresses I pick, it pairs well with statement sandals and trusty trainers.

Talking of awkward hem lengths, I’ve steered clear of cropped wide leg trousers and culottes thinking that they would be a silhouette no no but as we begin our love/hate relationship with the British summer they seem to be the stylish yet sensible choice. These crop wide leg trousers by Topshop are ticking all my summer dressing dilemma boxes.

Ok so, here’s my slice of unrealistic luxury (hey a mama can dream) – the Cartier Love Bangle is one of those grown up timeless pieces that I’ve lusted for a long long time, yes it’s unlikely that I’ll be treating myself anytime this decade but the simplicity and unmistakable Cartier traits make this the ultimate brand swag.

One luxury brand that you can indulge in a slice of is Chanel beauty – I’m enjoying falling back in love with Chanel at the moment and the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Blush in No. 42 is as dreamy in real life as it looks. Working perfectly with Soleil de Tan it’s an easy way to look effortlessly ready during the summer months and helps strike the balance between barefaced beauty and flawless without looking (and feeling) cakes in make up.

I love the lightness of make up and beauty that comes with summer; the new Hydra Genius range from L’Oréal is a skin drink and promises to deliver up to 72 hours of hydration all while being as light as water, a surprisingly budget friendly way to sample the undeniable benefits of asian inspired skincare.

& Other Stories is one of those brands that has quietly developed cult like status – and with their sheer shirt, it’s easy to see why, it can be as minx like or mum (yes I really did just coin that phrase) with added cami or statement bra.

Sliders: surely a strong contender for the word of 2017, they’re everywhere and one of those trends that has me hopelessly undecided as to what style to take the pop fashion plunge with. I’ve come full circle with the evolution of the poolside and urban jungle accessory, the unapologetic sporty vibe of the Addidas Adilette Slides make them the ‘wood for the trees’ choice.

Zara I think has made an appearance in pretty much every single Want It Wednesday since it’s launch las year so much so that it won’t be long until I’ll probably start a monthly roundup of all the best bits available at the Spanish high street stylista. This vinyl tote is everything we’ve come to expect from Zara – fun, practical, grown up with a hint of two fingers up to the world; their play on textures, shapes and marrying of different fashion genres make them everything.

Whether it’s online, in the shops, splurging or window shopping enjoy shopping this week…

Happy Wanting!

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