Learning To Drive: A Happy Milestone Memory

It’s been ten years since I passed my driving test and I count it as one of the strongest life skills you can have; it gives you the freedom (and confidence) to go anywhere, do anything. In those ten years my driving license has seen me drive up and down the country and all over Europe – so much so that I’m planning to do a road trip across Spain with Boo in a few years!


Although it’s a fair few years until Boo turns seventeen (twelve to be precise) learning to drive is one of those milestones that I’m so looking forward to. I remember waking up on my seventeenth birthday and seeing a small gift bag on the table – my Mum had bought me a car for my birthday; granted it was a project (did you know that lugging a new car battery on the bus is a thing!!) I spent the next few months working on the car, and getting as many Driving Lessons in as possible. In those days it was pot luck on what sort of driving instructor you had – I was lucky that mine, Steve was great – but with Pass’N’Go you can see who’s nearest and decide whether you want weekly lessons or an intensive course; great for those who are short on time.

Driving is like swimming or riding a bike, you never forget and as cheesy as it sounds driving has taken me on so many adventures over the past ten years… here’s to many more years of hitting the road.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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