Hands Up Who Hates The Park

Like an ocean liner we’re at the point of no return in the summer holidays – we’re slap bang in the middle and knee deep in the joys of trying to fill our children’s days. Enter the main offender… the park; hands up who hates the park – because I do.


The park is supposedly where it’s at, it’s where we as parents should flock with our children for fresh air, fun and frolics, the reality is it’s a mediocre hell and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels lie this. We have too local parks, one across the road and one in the village – brilliant you’d think how bad can it be to have choices but whilst different they’re both equally hell.

Firstly just because it’s gated it’s anything but safe, the constant “Mummy the slide is too shiny”, “Mummy the rope is a bit rough” and then there’s the dreaded sand pit – who ever though a massive litter tray for the local wild life would be a good idea so I spend the first ten minutes of every trip to the park reminding Boo that I’m one of those horrible mummies who won’t let her play in the sand; always great for Mummy and Boo relations.

Time and time again I think the park will help with being a WAHM so I dutifully pack my laptop to get some writing done or catch up with e-mails on my phone but then comes to the judgemental glances from parents for being the mama who’s looking at her phone. One of the biggest reminders that the melting pot that is the park serves is that motherhood would be a heck of a lot easier if we all just gave each other a break and cut the judgement.


As an only child the park can be a bit of a let down for Boo, no matter how hard I try I just don’t cut it in the play stakes like a fellow child. So for us the only way trips to the park get better are if we do them with friends; Boo gets playmates and I get some much welcome adult company. winner!

And the worst part? Despite me hating the park it’s universally accepted that I will continue to partake in this parent torture for years to come; so until an antidote is discovered you’ll find me hugging a Costa. But smiling knowing that it’s ok to hate the park…


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  1. September 3, 2017 / 20:26

    Ha ha I welcome the day that the judgement stops. My daughter drives me nuts as the park “Mummy watch me, watch me! – Mummy are you watching me” is pretty much all I hear at the park. No chance to do anything other than Watch!

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