The EU Referendum: An Apology to my Daughter

I’ve been awake since 2.30am – I woke up as you were stirring and foolishly decided to check the count, and from then I laid awake squinting at my phone as the results were updated – with each district being a slow and falsely encouraging sign that we’d remain until about 4.30am when the BBC predicted that the Leave vote would win. I then stopped looking as we all knew the eventual outcome.


As you laid in my arms snuffling away undoubtedly dreaming of something Bootastic I felt so sorry. Sorry as a mother that this is the world you are set to grow up in. One where the country is polarised on not just an economic decision but our core identity.

Today is a sad day, not one of ‘independence’ as some have billed it which can far too often be synonymous with isolation. I’m sorry you future has been irrevocably changed and not for the better. Nothing is great about a nation that doesn’t want to be part of something bigger. I am so sorry that today I am ashamed to be British.. . I have never said that it hurts just to write it, but what hurts more is to know that you live amongst people who are not only completely opposite in their outlook on life – democracy is everything regardless of whether you get the outcome you want and I would never seek to undermine that – but I don’t feel home. Europe is our home and now they will have us leave it.

I’m sorry that 16 million people didn’t vote, I’m sorry that we don’t have mandatory voting – since when did people become so flippant with democracy?

There is so much uncertainty and hatred –granted on both sides – and I’m sorry that your generation will inherit this poison legacy.

I’m sorry that Europe will think that I voted, wanted this; that I don’t want to be part of the EU. I so do.

Not enough people take an interest in politics on a day to day level and that’s something I’d like to see change – I for one will now seek to help campaign, influence and take an active role in trying to secure you a better future.

I’m sorry that I don’t know where this leaves us with regards to our future. Is there a place for you and me in a Britain, or more importantly is there a place for Britain within us.

All I know is that you woke today excited that it’s Friday which means PE and yet I as a mother am less certain about what your future holds than I ever have been. As a mother, I should have the answer and for once I don’t and am scared. I am so so sorry Boo.


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  1. June 25, 2016 / 06:21

    There are so many of us who are sorry. And we are scared for our children’s futures. And rightly so too. Sharing because this is important. Thank you for writing it. 🙂

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