A quick scroll through social media and you’ll come across the all too familiar moans from parents everywhere that the summer holidays are hard work – trying to keep children entertained without breaking the bank and allowing for the joys of a British summer or doing the childcare juggle of… View Post

I want to start this post off by saying that I have no idea whether Boo’s school hands out prizes for 100% attendance – now that may be that due to her absences we’ve never been privy to the conversation – I don’t know; however the notion of rewarding primary… View Post

“Aren’t you lucky, I’d love to work from home”, “It must be great being at home for Boo” I never go a week without hearing this from either clients or parents – surely being a work at home mum is the magic key to striking the perfect balance: feeding your… View Post

I’m single, we know it and coupled with motherhood my relationship status doesn’t look set to change anytime soon and I’m comfortable with that but it would appear that perhaps others aren’t. I really want to get this out now that this post is in now way targeted at one… View Post

A couple of weeks ago when I shared my Thoroughly Modern Mother Dilemma I completely left out any mention to online dating; the reason why? It’s because I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a whole mini saga in it’s own right. Dating has never been the smoothest of… View Post