I’m single, we know it and coupled with motherhood my relationship status doesn’t look set to change anytime soon and I’m comfortable with that but it would appear that perhaps others aren’t. I really want to get this out now that this post is in now way targeted at one… View Post

A couple of weeks ago when I shared my Thoroughly Modern Mother Dilemma I completely left out any mention to online dating; the reason why? It’s because I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a whole mini saga in it’s own right. Dating has never been the smoothest of… View Post

I’ve been a single parent for nearly four years and in that time I’ve remained publicly single, is dating when you’re a mother the final unspoken parenting taboo? Or is it the unattainable happily ever after oasis flickering in the distance? This is a post I’ve been meaning to write… View Post

It happened today, if I’m completely honest I’m amazed it’s taken this long; this morning I dropped the ball and the juggling act came to a crashing halt. I failed to deliver on a freelance deadline – the fist time it’s ever happened! I mean I’ve pulled all nighters, I’ve… View Post

I’ve been awake since 2.30am – I woke up as you were stirring and foolishly decided to check the count, and from then I laid awake squinting at my phone as the results were updated – with each district being a slow and falsely encouraging sign that we’d remain until… View Post