One Born Every Minute: 10 Week Labour Pains – That’ll Be Pregnancy

Chainsaw in Cyprus

The second week of Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute focuses on pain. Seeing as my labour was a rather short affair I’m not too sure I’m best qualified to comment on the subject but I’ll give it a go. A visit to the maternity assessment centre at Lincoln County Hospital enlightened me to the […]

Boo Flu: Man Flu Only Better

Boo Flu

Duvets at the ready – it’s official Mummy and Boo have come down with the lurge. Ok so it may not be as bad as that. Yet a common cold is still enough to stop us in our tracks. Seeing Boo ill is so hard as she’s unable (knowing her though probably more like unwilling) […]

My Three Books – Our Favourites

Books on Shelf by Kittisak

A Mummy Too asked the magic if a little impossible question: What are you three favourite books? The three books are divided into childhood, adulthood and parenthood. Books have always been part of my life – I’ll read the back of a bottle of shampoo just to devour a few extra words.  I’m amazingly fortunate […]

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One Born Every Minute: Premature Babies and Flying Fathers

Danny Meeting Boo

To coincide with the new series of Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute -4th January 9pm, people have been asked to share their stories on the role of Dads at the birth, their presence even.  Here is our experience.   Patience is always something I’ve never had time for, yet I never imagined that I […]

BBC Frolics and A Blended Christmas

BBC Television Centre

500 miles in 24 hours but what a journey it was. Wow. I can report that BBC Breakfast’s red sofa is really rather comfortable and thanks to my ninja like reactions remains posit free. In case you have been hibernating from the world of mummy and boo: Yes we not only made it to BBC […]