Mindfulness. It’s one of those things a bit like flossing; we all know we should be doing it but trying to 1. work out exactly what it is and 2. actually do it seem to the holy grail of nailing adulting. But let’s be honest, when you’re swamped with work,… View Post

Hello my lovelies! So we may be having the time of our lives in Orlando with Universal and Virgin Holidays but I could’t miss out a Want It Wednesday – so here’s my wants of the week: It may be sunny here but I’m under no illusion that the IO’ll… View Post

By the time you read this we’ll be about to wake up for our first day of adventures at Universal Orlando and fingers crossed my tips for transatlantic travel with children will have worked and not had me counting down the minutes until I could escape a confined space! Boo… View Post

I’m the first to admit that I a big fan of black and all other dark shades, especially as winter draws in but this week there is not one piece of black clothing, footwear or accessories – I know you must be thinking has Rosie had a style transplant but… View Post

Another year, another Halloween to prepare for; Boo absolutely loves Halloween – let’s be honest, with a name like Boo, it must seem that Halloween was made for her. This year she’s been invited to two parties, we’re trick or treating on the Saturday, hosting our own Halloween party on… View Post