Want It Wednesday | 9th August

Greetings form a not so surprisingly soggy summer but with a few more trips (fingers crossed) for the rest of the year I’m not giving up on the prospect of cracking out the summer wear so whilst it may be pouring outside, ignore the grey and let’s see what I’m wanting this week…

First up is this orange red dress from M&S – I love it for so many reasons: it was supremely comfortable when I tried it on last week, and surprisingly flattering, although it does come up a bit big so my advice would be to size down for the best fit. This would work perfectly on holiday with statement gladiators or just as well on the school run with white trainers and a denim jacket. This dress will be style loyal for seasons to come.

Talking of school runs, it won’t be long until it’s back to school and even though I left school far too long ago there’s something about the impending new school year that makes me NEED to buy some school supplies (I’m completely aware this isn’t normal and I should probably seek some type of help, ha!) and this Clarks silver leather backpack screams mama cool for back to school; yes it may be nudging £100 but you can just tell that the more wear it has, the better it will look.

Slogan tees are everywhere, even Boo’s on the fast fashion bandwagon and as much as I’d like to spend ridiculous amounts on Gucci t-shirts, these in the style dupe ones from River Island do just the job without breaking the bank. This shade of pink can’t help remind me of the film Clueless and again will linger long into your Autumn wardrobe.

One designer piece that I fear I may succumb to is the Givenchy slider, my slider obsession is completely out of hand – I have a wish list devoted just to sliders! Horendously overpriced but still a worthy spend these will ensure that you never run the gauntlet of playing footwear snap with a teenage boy at the airport!

Can you believe that I haven’t worn a watch for nigh on four years – ever since Boo accidentally broke my beautiful Folli-Follie watch whilst we were in Majorca I’ve been unable to find one that wins my heart or my wrist. Whilst Abbott Lyon seem to be the king of Instagram collaborations, their watch really does tick all the boxes for me when it comes to what I want, I like the large face, the simplicity and has a premium look without costing hundreds.

I’m just putting it out there that I don’t own a bretton top, I’m surprised I can a. live in London b. be a mother without one in my wardrobe but I just never find one that I like enough but this bad boy bretton top complete with Toucan from Wolf and Badger may just be the one to convince me to go over to the striped side.

Ok so indulge me with this designer want, it’s grey and gloomy outside but I’m 300% certain that with the addition of the Gucci Loved handbag my day would immediately get better – surely that’s a good enough reason, right?

Happy Wanting!

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