Want It Wednesday | 10th May

Welcome back to Want It Wednesday, after far too long a break I’m bringing back this weekly instalment of my wants. After so many of you messaged to see if it was returning I figured you must all enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy compiling the weekly edit. Without further ado here’s this weeks wants:

I’m a sucker for anything Gucci and seeing as I have to be sensible and spend my money on food and bills I’m quick to jump on any good dupes I come across and these Crystal Slip On Loafers by Mango are the bomb (yes I did actually just use that word!), they make me so happy just looking at them and their out there style means that quite weirdly they go with anything from fail safe denim to the clashing shades of pink and red plus they’re flat meaning they tick the sensible mama box.

Talking about being a sensible mama, sometimes you just have to admit that your face needs a switch up when it comes to skincare – to put it nicely my skin is looking tired and I’ve decided that instead of constantly masking it with heavy creams, it’s time to use lightweight face creams that will hopefully boost my skin energy. Say hello to Origins GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturiser: it hasn’t achieved a cult like following for no reason so hopefully it reverse the years of sleep deprivation which I wear on my face!

Another recent ‘switch up’ has been my hair. I got reacquainted with the dark side and took a good five inches off the length which has left it looking much healthier; this means that my styling routing has changed somewhat. With thicker shorter hair, I’m ready to play with the texture and movement of my everyday style and this T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand looks like the perfect Mr Gadget of the hair tools, and if it’s anything like their travel hairdryer (which I swear by) it’ll be great quality.

One thing that will never change about my look is my love for khaki – sometimes I’m worried that my fondness of the colour goes to far (almost like my obsession with an all white house!) I’ve been living this colour way even before it was fashionable. I already have a lovely khaki dress from M&S that I wore in Athens but it’s inevitable that this Marks and Spencer Limited Edition Bardot Shift Dress will find its way to my house – bravo M&S this is effortless off duty style as it’s simplest and best on the high street.

The statement sleeve is here to stay and looking at the everyday tops I Have on rotation for when the sun decides to grace us with its presence, the majority have an attention worthy sleeve. For me it’s the easiest way to add interest to even the simplest of outfits. This H&M Top With Flounce Sleeves in Pink is so easy to wear and does all the hard style work for you, meaning more zzzzsss in bed, winner!

I’m don’t noramlly think to look in Monsoon for new pieces but on a recent shopping trip with my Mama I spotted this Clara Linen Stripe Jumpsuit and fell in love – it reminds me of nineties Ralph Lauren (in a good way) and is a piece I could imagine me wearing to death with my every faithful denim shirt and white trainers.

There you have it, my wants of the week; as always let me know what pieces you’re loving the look of and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram – thanks!

Happy Wanting!

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