Remembering Boo’s Favourite Blanket with Mamas and Papas

Apart from snuggling up on the sofa for movie afternoons or when Boo’s feeling poorly, we haven’t needed blankets in a long time but I can still remember Boo’s baby blankets: from the hospital issue cellular blanket she was wrapped in when I saw her in NICU to the pink cowgirl cashmere and merino blanket (only Boo!!) she had for the first few months as her out and about blanket and all the others in between. They all evoke such strong memories form her baby years. When we’re looking at baby photos Boo will instantly recognise some of her favourite blankets and even has kept a couple to use when she plays with her dolls; plus I’ve got her must precious ones safely packed in her memory box.

Mamas and Papas have a great range of knitted blankets, from the ever stylish collaboration with Liberty to the classic and much loved gingerbread knotted blanket – I swear everyone had that blanket when Boo was younger, the multicoloured stripes were a big trend, proving very popular as they’re a modern day twist on the gender neutral trend.

So whilst we may not ‘need’ blankets anymore, you’re sure to find a collection of them throughout the house, from being draped across beds and sofas to there alwasy being a cosy one in next to Boo in the backseat of the car. Childhood stages may come and go but blankets are here to stay.

What’s your favourite blanket from when your child was young? And which of the Mamas and Papas blankets below is your must have?

This is a collaborative post.

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