The Reality of Postpartum Hair | AD

When I announced I was expecting Boo lots of women said the ‘thing’ about my hair… “enjoy your hair while you can”, “you’ll lose half of that once you give birth”.

The truth is that because I suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum I never ‘benefited’ from luscious pregnancy hair, looking back at the rare photos of me when I was pregnant my hair looked limp, weak and lack lustre – exactly how I felt! So post birth I was lulled into a false sense of dodging the post pregnancy hair loss; how wrong was I…

My hair loss didn’t begin until Boo was a few months old, first it was a a few extra clumps in the plughole but before long I was waking up to handfuls on my pillow – as much as I tried to tell myself that it didn’t matter and that it grows back, Not only was it severe but it was sustained; I couldn’t help but be devastated every single time I realised I’d lost more hair.

The Reality of Postpartum Hair | AD

Postpartum hair loss is just one of the many types of premature hair loss that is experience by thousands of adults every year. FUE hair transplant is a solution for longer term hair loss problems.

My postpartum hair loss did eventually slow down and had completely stopped by the time Boo was 20 months old. I was considered lucky by many as I had extra thick hair to begin with so my hair loss wasn’t noticeable to most and even now whilst I regained some thickness it is nowhere near as thick as it used to be. Yet as Boo’s hair continues to be her golden crowing glory, I prefer to think less of it as hair loss and more passing it down to Boo…

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