I spend a lot of time on Facebook as part of my job so it’s no surprise that I learnt of the impending #Brandgelina divorce on Tuesday afternoon. It didn’t take long for my social media timelines to be flooded with the Jennifer Anniston GIFs; for what it’s worth I… View Post

Last week reminded us what a difference a day can make with British weather, on Thursday I was wearing a mini shirt dress with zara sandals and just over 12 hours later I was getting battered by the rain (hello drowned rat look) on my commute into the city. With… View Post

Popping to the pub for a quick one with Boo is not a sentence I ever imagined myself saying but then The Greyhound, Carshalton is so much more than a pub; and a stroll through the graveyard for a midweek Mummy and Boo early evening date is so much more… View Post

A while back in summer, Boo and I headed to Asda’a beauty breakfast at The Soho Hotel. We were greeted to a room full of tasty treats and all the beauty brands from Asda – Boo made a be-line for the tasty macaroons and the good enough to eat bubble… View Post

“Brush your teeth Boo then put your shoes on!” It’s something I say every single day. Brushing your teeth is second nature, we could all do it in our sleep: toothbrush + toothpaste + 2 minutes = your twice daily teeth cleaning routine. So what happens if we drastically change… View Post