Who remembers Design Technology at school? And the time when after you’d completed your woodwork project it was time to turn your hand to creating a clock using acrylic sheets. Despite learning the hard way that there are no second chances or tolerances when it comes to cutting (hello lunchtime… View Post

Back at the beginning of summer, I was invited to The Real Greek, Westfield for the launch of their brand new cookbook with Tonia Buxton. I’m a big lover of Greek food and the whole set up of eating together so was excited to share a great meal with some… View Post

Another Wednesday and another week where I spend far too much time prowling the internet for all things fashion, I’m basically a stalker of pretties I’m all about the stylish and comfy combo when it comes to working at home and these sport luxe joggers from M&S have my name… View Post

It’s the fourth school week and the novelty of getting up early and doing the school run has well and truly lost it’s shine. For me, it’s not the getting up early that’s a sucker for me (I regularly get up at 4.4.5am to sit and work) but the real… View Post

This morning was chilly with a big C and it meant it was winter coat time. Like most mamas, I have my very own school run uniform that you can see me in most days. With me it’s all about the jeans, converse, casual top/jumper and now with the colder… View Post