It’s not everyday you’re asked to be a judge for the UK Blog Awards; back in the autumn I was honoured but also started to panic (hey I take dresses very, very seriously!) about what I would wear. Fast forward a few months and Quiz Clothing got in contact to… View Post

What do contemporary circus and jazz have in common? Up until a couple of weeks ago I would have struggled to make any connection but then I got the most intriguing invite to Berlin. Chamäleon Theater wanted me to have the ultimate night out in Berlin thanks to their brand… View Post

We’ve long been fans of Tangle Teezer – I remember the first time we used one, it was the first time Boo didn’t protest at having her hair done and I kept my sanity. Recently Tangle Teezer got in contact to see if we wanted to try some of their… View Post

City breaks, work trips and general short haul tourism has given rise to budget air travel and that means paying for luggage. I’ve long been a fan of travelling with hand luggage and beating the sometimes ludicrous airline charges for checking a bag into the hold. For many people the… View Post

My Darling Boo, It’s March 8th and across the globe women are coming together to celebrate the social, economic and political achievement of women for International Women’s Day. There has been much talk this year as to whether we really need an International Women’s Day? Some may argue that by… View Post