Big boot, economical to run, top of the class safety, better for the environment – when it comes to picking a family car, the criteria seems to be endless. Can you really have it all with a realistic budget? Kia seem to think you can with the Niro, a petrol… View Post

It’s freezing at the moment and with the beginning of December and Christmas less than a month away, Boo is starting to really get into the festive magic. One of Boo’s greatest things to do at Christmas is go ice skating (something she normally does with Daddy as I’m worse… View Post

It’s December tomorrow – how the heck did that happen! Plus add the fact that it’s basically arctic weather in London this week and I’m ready to crack out all the festive feels when it comes to Want It Wednesday. I definitely find that as we get closer to Christmas… View Post

Want It Wednesday is back and after few weeks, there’s plenty of pretties that I’ve had my eye on so let’s deal with the gold elephant in the room – the gold boxing gloves. Yes I know they’re ridiculously ostentatious, but they’re practical and I love the idea of having… View Post

After a great flight with Virgin Atlantic and a wow of a first night at The Hard Rock Hotel I was excited if just a tad tired when Boo woke up at 4.30am! Yes you read that right… She was just as excited as me and we were ready to… View Post