We’ve been invited to board Royal Caribbean’s brand new Harmony of the Seas on Friday for a two day sail and we’re so excited! The 227,00 ton cruise ship – the biggest in the world docked in Southampton this morning. And with 23 pools, 20 restaurants and a park (yes… View Post

Hairdryers are a pretty big thing in our house: from Boo singing into one to me trying to tame my Persian mane it has a lot of work to do. The T3 featherweight compact has just been released in pink and I was kindly set one to see how it… View Post

It’s become a bit of running joke: “Any news on a move date yet Rosie?” each time I’d smile and say not yet… and it’s not been an easy decision but as of last week there won’t be a move, we’re staying put. The move date kept being pushed back… View Post

Boo scampered into my room this morning and announced that it’s 11 days until we go on holiday and can we start packing now! I love her enthusiasm for travel and all the dresses that go with summer sun. Boo is all set with her holiday wardrobe and at the… View Post

Fans of Mummy and Boo already know that Boo has more style, swag and sass than a supermodel let alone a 4 year old so with holiday next week, the outfit planning has started. I like to be organised and have been buying her summer wardrobe for the past month… View Post