OUST: The Orginal Spring Clean

Yes I know, spring should be about new trends, planning summer getaways and spring cleaning your wardrobe – yet cast your mind back ladies (and gents!) to what spring cleaning really means: It’s time to don those rubber gloves and #oustyourhouse. No one said spring-cleaning was glamorous, but unless you have an army of cleaners […]

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Natural Light with VELUX Windows and Accessories

Believe it or not but with the clocks going forward on Sunday, Spring is here; and with the lighter evenings it makes me really want to make the most of light in the house. I’d always been under the impression that living in a ground floor maisonette meant that I’d never be able to take […]

Ways for helping your child fall asleep

When it comes to sleeping, children can be a tad moody. According to a recent research, by the age of 2, children have spent most of the time sleeping than awake. Almost, 40% of the kids will spend their time asleep. Sleep is a must for a child’s mental and physical development. So follow these […]

Play Dates and Popcorn

Precious Moments: Play Dates and Popcorn

Today was a big day in the world of Boo, today Boo had her best friend from nursery over for a play date this afternoon. She’s been on play dates a few times, but this was the first time hosting. Listening to Boo as I opened the front door and let them scamper in was […]

Look what's pulled into Platform 9 3/4

Hogwarts Express Arrives at Warner Brother’s Studio Tour

A couple of weeks ago we were super lucky to get one of the first sneak peaks of the new Hogwarts Express as part of Platform 9 ¾ which opened to the public on March 19th; a friend invited both Boo and I along to a ‘Nearest and Dearest’ tour on Tuesday evening. We found […]

Wool Overs Knitwear

Blogging Comforts

I’m fortunate enough to work from home which anyone with a little one will know it’s both a blessing and a curse. However just like everybody who works in an office, we all like out set up a certain way, be it music, favourite tea – whatever it takes to help us be productive. For […]

Tena PFF

HotPod Yoga and Pelvic Floor Fitness with Tena Lights

According to research by Tena 62% of women experience light bladder weakness; that’s nearly one in three yet it’s still a subject that not many women like to talk about, but when it affects so many perhaps it’s time we learnt more about our pelvic floor and how we can help strengthen it. A few […]

Panasonic Washing Machine

Post Holiday Laundry Nightmares

We were lucky enough to escape the grey skies of the UK and headed off to Bilbao, Spain for a half-term city break but everyone knows what it’s like when you return from holiday, suddenly you’re in the middle of laundry nightmares. Post holiday washing is almost part of the whole holiday – well it […]

Slimming Solutions Tea Tox

Slimming Solutions TeaTox Review

I’m tried a fair few different supplements as part of #operationyummymummy but never a tea detox so when Slimming Solutions sent me their TeaTox to try I was interested to see how it would perform. Whilst I decided 2015 was the year to ditch the habitual new years resolution to lose weight, one thing I […]

In The Night Garden Live 2015 – Exclusive Discount Code

In The Night Garden is back for 2015 and Mummy and Boo are lucky enough to bring you an exclusive discount code… Iggle Piggle, Iggle Onk, we’re going to catch… come on we all know what that means; In The Night Garden has become a firm fixture in our children’s lives and In The Night […]

Life is Beauty-Full: A Dr VIncent Wong Film

Life is Beauty-Full: A Dr Vincent Wong Film

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am completely open to aesthetic procedures – my view has always been that as long as your motives are healthy for you as a individual then making a decision to enhance your existing beauty can be a real positive. Dr Vincent Wong is an advanced medical aesthetics practitioner […]