When I announced I was expecting Boo lots of women said the ‘thing’ about my hair… “enjoy your hair while you can”, “you’ll lose half of that once you give birth”. The truth is that because I suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum I never ‘benefited’ from luscious pregnancy hair, looking back… View Post

It’s that time at last! Any parent will know what I’m talking about when I say let’s just get there now. The advent calendar is old-hat, the school play that has taken up every waking thought has been and gone, and now it is full-on Christmas mode and excitement levels… View Post

I’m a big believer in socialising children from a young age – and as Boo is an only child I felt it was even more important to do so to ensure that she was exposed to lots of children her age. Now that she’s six and a half I’m proud… View Post

Being a Londoner at Christmas does have its testing moments, from not being able to see your own nose as you battle the tourist clad crowds of Oxford street as millions (literally) head out for festive fun to overpriced roadside chestnuts. But then we glance up as we’re scurrying around… View Post

Wednesdays are Boo’s swimming lesson day, every week we head straight to our local pool after school for her half hour swimming lesson. I’m duty bound to report that Boo is a yellow hat now meaning she’s in the big pool and swimming lengths out of her depth which is… View Post