Long Haul In Flight Saviours

It’s less than two weeks until we jet off to Orlando with Universal Resort and Virgin Holidays. I’m no stranger to long haul and with many years of jumping on planes and treating them like buses I’ve come to know what works and what doesn’t. Forget fashion, long haul is all about being comfortable and helping to reduce the impact of changing timezones on your body. It always makes me laugh when you see people turn up for transatlantic flights in heels and dresses… c’mon – embrace comfy natural fabrics, the only runway at the airport is the one you take off from. Here’s my long haul in flight saviours:

M&S Autograph Cashmere Hoodie and Joggers
This has to be the holy grail of long haul comfort whilst still maintaining a modicum of style. We all know cashmere is the comfiest and softest material you can wear, and I love the relaxed fit, perfect for airport lounging and sleeping during the flight.

The White Company Cashmere Bed Socks
Keeping it cashmere with these bed socks from The White Company, I have a strict routine on long haul: get seated then take my shoes off and put these bad boys on, warm toes comfort and for me it really helps with reducing flight swelling. Plus the pink hues are just perfect.

I’m a big fan of sleepmasks, and are a must have on long haul flights, in fact I’d go as far to say that you could crack one out even on european flights! Travelling on my own with Boo means that it’ll be non stop once we land with no down time, so once I’ve got Boo settled on the plane, it’s vital that I get some sleep so we can hit the ground running with plenty of energy for our Orlando adventures.

Neutrogena Face Wipes
Another thing I do the minute I get on plane, is take my make up off. And whilst I really advise about not using wipes day to day (I’m always banging on about how bad they are for your skin) these Neutrogena wipes are perfect for long haul and they’re kind to your skin. And yes in case you’re wondering I do reapply a full face of make up just before landing.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Once I’ve taken off my make up I smother my face with the beauty hero that is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream; it’s magic like powers mean you can step off a plane looking more rested and refreshed with great skin. I also put some on Boo as flights are so dehydrating for our skin.

Water Bottle
Ok so this one is kind of a cheat because you don’t need to take a water bottle on board with you (erm anyone else suddenly in love with this S’well gold water bottle… NEEDING!) but I cannot stress how important it is to drink loads and loads of water during your flight -it’s also a good idea to up your water for the week before to hydrate you as much as possible before. The longer the flight, the more of a toll it takes on your body and when we’re dehydrate we’re tired and sluggish so actually if you don’t drink enough you won’t enjoy your holiday as much, it’s a no brainer!

So there you have my long haul in flight saviours. What are you in flight travel must haves? Effortless style is what long haul is all about, it’s about making the flight time a mini bit of me time; as long as Boo cooperates!

Long Haul In Flight Saviours


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