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Regardless of your reason for visiting London, this amazing place has got something to offer to everyone who visits. Be it history buffs who are looking to brush up their British narratives or art admirers, there are places like the Tower of London and National Gallery which can quench their cultural thirst. On the other hand, monarchy fans won’t be able to skip Buckingham Palace. London can be notoriously costly but we can’t deny the fact that it is also filled with both modern-day and historical attractions for even the most frugal travelers who are visiting on a tight budget.
So, if you’re ready for the trip or you’re almost there, what are the things that you should do and the places that you should visit? Read on…

British Museum
One of the top attractions of London is the British Museum. It is home to few of the world’s most noteworthy antiques and is also a piece of architectural beauty. From Lindow Man to the Elgin Marbles to Rosetta Stone, the British Museum is a treasure trove which contains countless artefacts. The British Museum is a destination in its own right and you could easily spend a whole day there, however if you’re tight on time and need to fit in other attractions you may choose to go for a coach hire and travel to some of the other attractions on the list.

Tower of London
Don’t allow it’s impressive and towering exterior in fooling you to think that the Tower is old fashioned and no fun; the interior of the London Tower is alive with activity. The tower comprises of multiple towers, among which 12 of them can be explored by visitors. If you’re a kind of person who is simply enchanted with the monarch’s history, you shouldn’t miss the exhibition of Crown Jewels. Little known fact: the Tower of London is officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and was built back in the twelfth century.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeth II’s London home and it is a place which is open for visitors during summers. During this tour, you are allowed to access 19 State Rooms where the members of the royal family and the Queen host guests for state and official event. Besides the grand interiors, the State Rooms also speak a lot about its history. If you remember the Royal Wedding, you will also recognize the Throne Room which is the common backdrop for most official photographs. The changing of the guard is a great occasion to watch for tourists both young and old. Here’s me and Boo for the now obligatory selfie during our late trip to Buckingham Palace.


Westminster Abbey
This medieval church dating back to the eleventh century has been host to fifty five royal coronations; offering a splendid sneak peek into the far-reaching history of London. Westminster Abbey is a very busy place and the staff keep moving at a fast pace. It is also the final resting place of authors like Charles Dickens, Geoffrey Chaucer and Rudyard Kipling with over 300 people being laid to rest at Westminster Abbey.

If you are confused about how to commute throughout London, you need not worry as there are minibus hire London services from where you can get buses for traveling from one place of attraction to another. Giving you one less thing to worry about meaning you can get on with the serious business of discovering London.

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