How to Improve Your Family’s Wellbeing

We all want our families to live happier, healthier lives but it’s all too easy to focus all our attention on the big picture and forget about the smaller things we can do at home on a day to day basis that still make a difference. Here are a few tips for improving your family’s welfare.

Improve the air quality
Several studies have shown that volatile organic compounds or VOCs, harmful pollutants that can be released by some paints, prints, dry-cleaned clothes and other household items, can be absorbed by certain types of house plants.


High levels of VOCs have been linked to conditions such as asthma and allergies and although not all researchers agree about the potential dangers, there is no dispute that concentrations of VOCs are much higher inside our homes than out.

Adding extra potted plants to your home is a great way to improve the air quality and improve the wellbeing of your family as a whole. However, it’s important to choose the right plants as some filter the air better than others. Tests have shown the bromeliad plant to be especially effective at removing a wide range of gases, as were spider plants. Dracaenas were found to be especially good at removing the chemical acetone.

Eliminate harmful pests
From bed bugs and dust mites which can trigger asthma attacks to rats and mice which carry a range of serious diseases, the impact of pests on the wellbeing of your family should never be underestimated.
In the vast majority of cases, pests enter homes in search of food and shelter. Ensuring that no food sources are left around, such as half open packets of cookies tucked in the back of cupboards, along with cleaning up spills so that no residue is left behind, will reduce the chances of your home becoming infested by the likes of ants and mice.

Should the worst happen, you can attempt to deal with the problem yourself but in many cases, it is better to call in a team of professionals like the people at Cheltenham Pest Control as they will have the necessary specialist equipment and know-how to properly target the problem in such a way that the infestation does not return at a later date.

Eliminate the stress
Even the youngest children can pick up signals when things are not right at home. Whether you are bringing work stress back with you, worried about money or dealing with other issues, one bad mood can spread like mould and quickly affect an entire family.

Take a few tips from the playbook of someone of the happiest people on the planet to restore your own wellbeing which, in turn, will give a boost to the wellbeing of everyone in your family.

Take the time every now and then to ensure you step out of your day to day routine to reflect on just how much there is in life to be thankful for. You should also do your best to surround yourself with positive people and get plenty of fresh air and exercise every day, along with the right amount of sleep for your individual needs. The more you can shine as a person, the easier it will be for you to light up all those around you.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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