Four Must-Have Household Items For New Mums

We all struggle with getting everything done within the limited hours of the day – more so when you are a new parent. For most, any gadget that promises time-saving potential is welcomed with open arms.
Perhaps you are waiting on the arrival of a little one, or if you’re looking for ways to grab an extra five minutes here and there. Either way, consider these must-have time-saving items:


Toy Storage Bag
We all love playtime, it’s great seeing your child grow and interact with all of their toys. However, cleaning up afterwards can be tedious, especially if there are other things to get done too. If you’re tired of wasting time picking up after your little ones have played, it’s time to invest in a toy storage bag.

These bags are available to purchase in various sizes to suit you and your home, and can be bought on websites such as Amazon. They work by holding all of your children’s toys in one drawstring bag. When they want to play with them, simply loosen the drawstring and the bag transforms into a play mat, meaning your children can play without scattering their toys across the room. Voila — your tidy time is reduced!

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine
This device has been designed to help reduce the time spent preparing bottles in the night when you could be catching up on some well-deserved sleep. The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine can help you prepare your baby’s formula in just two minutes!

The machine has other features to ensure that your bottles are well prepared – a built-in filter removes impurities from water, while the initial hot shot kills any bacteria that may be present in the formula. It works with any powered milk formula, helping to prevent any bottle-making mishaps in the early hours. It is available to buy from many retailers such as Argos. You’ll still need to sterilise the bottles of course, but the Perfect Prep machine works to make your to-do list a little shorter!

Mamaroo Infant Seat
It can be difficult getting your little one to sleep, especially when they’re unsettled and restless. Often parents try everything, from taking their baby for a ride in the car to rocking them until their arms ache. However, you can make those late night drives a thing of the past and get your baby to sleep quickly with the Mamaroo Infant Seat.

With this new device, you can choose from five programmed settings including car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and ocean to rock your baby to sleep. Each motion mimics parental movement, so they can get back to sleep easily. The seat is available to buy from Mothercare and other good retailers.

Thermometer Dummy
It’s hard for all parents when their child is poorly and there’s not much that they can do, it can be made worse by the discomfort that they experience when getting their temperature checked with a traditional thermometer. Monitoring your baby’s temperature doesn’t have to be a task much longer with a thermometer dummy.

These devices have a built-in thermometer within the soother to remove the stresses of checking temperatures. Some even have a built-in fever alarm which will sound if your baby’s temperature gets too high.

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