The Family Dog Dilemma

I talked last year about how Boo wanted a dog, and I am sure I am not the only parent to be faced with the issue but after over a year of asking my defences are starting to wear a bit thin. But then I think about all the things I would need like dog tags, a dog bed, the cost of dog food and the clothes Boo would want to dress the family dog in and suddenly I’m back to saying no, again.
But it’s not with as much conviction as last year if I am being honest! Sure, getting everything you need for a family dog as well as paying for all the vet bills would all be an added expense – but on the other hand, we get a family dog of our own!

Sometimes this feels like a great deal but other times I go back to being the firm mum I was last year and saying, “no sorry Boo – not yet” but I know she’ll keep asking every now and again. Getting a family dog is a big step and not one I am ready for just yet but I think I might be changing my mind sooner rather than later.

Getting a dog or any other family pet is a big step and not just for children because you need to take responsibility for it as well. In one of my weaker moments when I was picturing what bed to get my possible future dog and what name would be on their dog tags, I quickly went to the web to convince myself I wasn’t ready just yet.

There I found plenty of first-hand accounts from other parents who were in a simpler position to me and even looked up some news articles about the pros and cons of getting a family dog. In the end, it did help me realise that Boo and I aren’t ready just yet, but we could be soon.

So, to help my fellow parents out there with children pleading for a family dog I like to share what I learned.

The Pros And Cons Of A Family Dog
OK – let’s go started shall we! Before you start thinking about what breed of dog would be best or getting dog tags engraved, let me take through some of the cons of getting a dog:
• Mess – This is a big one dogs can be messy animals even smaller ones there’s hair, poop and muddy footprints to consider – I think you get the picture. If you love a clean and neat house then getting a family dog can mean a lot of extra work.
• Cost – Now, dogs can vary in cost wildly some can even be free from rescue centres but think about the costs of vaccinations, food, toys and beds as well.
• Time/ Responsibility – Pets require attention and exercise so children and adults need to be sure they will be able to commit to properly caring and looking after one. This can be difficult when you’re already juggling work and family life.
But it’s not all bad, let’s look at the pros I might not be ready just yet myself but you might feel differently.
• Loyal and Caring – They aren’t man’s best friend for nothing! Dogs are very loving and empathetic animals and will be sure to cheer you up when you’re feeling down.
• They Teach Us Responsibility – Teaching children about responsibility can be difficult but with a dog in the house you can teach children about the importance of caring for others.
• A Best Friend – A family dog will quickly become everyone’s best friend and teach children about love and compassion, they’re very loyal animals and have also been shown to reduce stress.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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