Staying Stylish at the Stables with Muck Boots

Muck Boot delivery for Mummy and Boo

I loved horse riding as a child and played Polo when I was three; and it would appear that Boo has inherited my passion for all things horses. Boo’s very fortunate that she gets to spend a lot of time up at the stables with her Auntie Suzanne, with me getting to join them occasionally […]

Bedroom Inspiration with Yorkshire Linen

Yorkshire Linen Floral Generic White Bed Linen Range

It’s that time of year when we start to think about Christmas (come on, no matter how much you hate the C word it’s coming so get on board) and I don’t know about you, bur for me I always like to set myself an interiors goal in the lead up to the festive season […]

Feeling Lost at 12.15

Making wonderful memories in Alicante September 2015

As Boo’s first full week at big girl school comes to an end, we’re getting into the swing of things. Mornings are running pretty smoothly and on the whole Boo is a an eager little bunny when it comes to dropping her at the classroom door. The real adjustment for me comes at 12.15 – […]

Tyre Safety This Autumn

Tyres: They’re the type of thing you don’t really give much thought until something goes wrong like a puncture; I’ve changed my fair share of tyres (and yes to live up the cliché most of those were at night and in the rain!) but apart from a flat tyre being annoying, making sure they’re both […]

An Afternoon of Fun at Hamleys with Lamaze

Boo bejewelled and painted to perfection!

When Boo was a baby I was really particular about what toys she had, in fact when I say particular what I mean is that 90% of her toys were Lamaze, so when they invited us to Hamleys this afternoon for a storytelling session with Milkshake presenter Jen Pringle, we were thrilled to get a […]

Holiday Ready with George Swimwear

A suitcase filled with George Swimwear goodies!

I’m the first to admit that I’m extremely fortunate when it comes to holidays; getting the opportunity to travel so frequently for the blog is an incredible perk and one that earns me endless hate – I know you love me really! However there is some skill that comes to travelling a lot, often at […]

The Great British Summer Chill

Summer rain with play outside

Believe it or not it’s summer, yes I know the rain and the drop in temperature may have some of us fooled but now is the time to be thinking of holidays (ok ok I admit I’ve pretty much have holidays on my mind all the time!) and lazy afternoons in the sun but instead […]

Mummy and Boo’s favourite Blooms

Mummy and Boo's favourite Blooms

I love the house being full of flowers, for me it’s one of life’s little indulgences – such a small touch that makes the difference between a house and a home. If I’m honest, I like flowers in every single room from the kitchen to Boo’s bedroom; even a few stems in a jam jar […]

Catching Boo up in the Sneaker Style Stakes Thanks to Footlocker

Footlocker | Mummy and Boo sneaker fever

We all know how it goes: you have a child in your twenties and you’re pretty sure you’ve got the whole stylish mum look nailed and you plod along doing quite well and then your little girl somehow manages to overtake you in the style stakes. Yup it happens and for me the biggest sign […]

Baby Kit: What I’ve Learnt 4 Years On and the Arrival of Wanna

Wanna - Launching Soon

Yes, you read that right, Boo is nearly four and as I get rid of the last of the baby kit I’ve come to realize that I really didn’t need all that ‘stuff’ or at least not as much to justify spending the equivalent of a small nations GDP in baby shops – hey I […]