We all know just how much in love Boo and I are with Universal Orlando Resort, it’s something that Boo talks about every single day; and yes the park and rides are out of this world but what makes Universal a must for everyone is the people… that’s where the… View Post

There are events in a lifetime that needs to be celebrated with your friends or your family, or maybe even both. There are events that matter. And to make sure that they receive the proper attention from your circle of relatives, you need to make it clear to them that… View Post

Do you remember when was the last time that you woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed? Getting a good night sleep is a difficult art nowadays that only a few can master. However a sound sleep is essential to recharge your batteries. If you are still relying on coffee to… View Post

I was hooked from the moment I saw the trailer, it was intriguing, fun and starred Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, La La Land looked like it had it all; Saturday night saw me head to the cinema and settle down armed with my body weight in popcorn and coke.… View Post

I’m single, we know it and coupled with motherhood my relationship status doesn’t look set to change anytime soon and I’m comfortable with that but it would appear that perhaps others aren’t. I really want to get this out now that this post is in now way targeted at one… View Post