One of the best things about holidays is having a break from the norm and relaxing – and I like this to apply to both my skin and haircare; however the joys of being half middle eastern is that my hair will punish me until my next hair wash if… View Post

Regardless of your reason for visiting London, this amazing place has got something to offer to everyone who visits. Be it history buffs who are looking to brush up their British narratives or art admirers, there are places like the Tower of London and National Gallery which can quench their… View Post

Lists, my whole life is made of lists: book a haircut, pick up some food shopping, buy school shoes –there’s lots and lots of things that I have to constantly remember to book and buy, and I’m continually spending money from the housekeeping budget on things that are hardly exciting.… View Post

What do you get the Boo who has everything? This is a twice yearly conundrum that I face with me choosing to expose her to experiences rather than gifts, that way she makes unforgettable memories and we don’t drown under a mountain of toys at home. Chessington World of Adventures… View Post

Italy is one of those destinations that is on everybody’s list; the food, the sights, the people and not forgetting the style. Tuscany in central Italy and in particular the regions capital, Florence is home to some of the world’s most recognisable renaissance pieces; from David’s statue to the Duomo… View Post