Sarah Ashcroft is the golden child of blogging – her astronomical success is down to her amazing hard work and she’s now the poster woman for blogger/brand collaboration with collections already with Misguided and In The Style. Sarah’s collaboration with Noughts & Kisses launched at the end of June and… View Post

Greetings form a not so surprisingly soggy summer but with a few more trips (fingers crossed) for the rest of the year I’m not giving up on the prospect of cracking out the summer wear so whilst it may be pouring outside, ignore the grey and let’s see what I’m… View Post

I’m loving all this sunny weather, although I’ve heard it’s set to cool down over the coming week (nooooooooo) – I’m clinging to the hope that the sun will return and stay or a good few months, this out of this world Marrakech ‘Hola Bag’ has my name all over… View Post

Italy is one of those destinations that is on everybody’s list; the food, the sights, the people and not forgetting the style. Tuscany in central Italy and in particular the regions capital, Florence is home to some of the world’s most recognisable renaissance pieces; from David’s statue to the Duomo… View Post

Greetings my fellow fashion followers! Welcome to this week’s Want It Wednesday where I mix high street with high fashion to bring you the best of the this week’s wants – and what a mixed bag of treats they are. First to make it on the list are the Sarah… View Post