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Boo is at tha age (and generation) where she loves YouTube – couple that with the fact that she’s five and obviously loves playing with the latest toys. Golden Bear’s latest toy brand Bush Baby World has been brought to life in an exciting new animated series full of adventures. As you can imagine Boo was excited to check out the first batch of sparkletastic (her words!) episodes.

With five episodes so far on their channel ranging from one to three minutes they’re the perfect bitesize digital treat for little ones – I find these sort of webisodes are great for those times during a busy family day when as if by some miracle Boo is ready for school five or ten minutes early or for whenI want her to sit still for one of her complicated hairstyle requests aka four dutch braids!

There are five dream star characters in Bush Baby World so it won’t be long until your child has picked out their favourite; Boo’s already taken a big liking to Neesha!

Check out the first episode of the Busy Baby World series below by clicking through to YouTube:

It’s great to see such simple yet fun animations for kids – and like I said, it’s nice for them not to get caught up in twenty minute episodes, meaning as a parent you’re more likely to let them watch a Bush Baby World’s video or two.

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