Boo’s Summer Sandals Style

Fans of Mummy and Boo already know that Boo has more style, swag and sass than a supermodel let alone a 4 year old so with holiday next week, the outfit planning has started. I like to be organised and have been buying her summer wardrobe for the past month or so. Now it’s getting closer to packing our bags and Boo is suddenly the Vogue Editor in our house as she’s insisted that at least 15 dresses are a must and is adamant that we take them all! When it comes to summer shoes, for the second year running I’ve decided to wait until we’re in Spain as I love choosing styles that aren’t available in the UK – plus there’s something about shopping in the sunshine that makes it all the more better… Or is that just me attempting to justify my shopping!

With the recent and very welcome heatwave, I needed to get Boo a pair or two of sandals before we head to Alicante so she has something until we manage to raid the Spanish shops. Brantano have some great value girls sandals, perfect for the little fashionista in you life.


Here’s a snap of Boo on the way home from Alicante last September proudly displaying her latest shoes… I have a feeling her shoe obsession is only going to become more expensive as she gets older – happiness really is a new pair of shoes!


So whilst I may be famed for being able to pack for a 10 day holiday with only hand luggage, it looks like Boo may need a trunk or two for her holiday style must haves.

This is a collaborative post.Summer-style-for-Boo-at-Brantano


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