Mummy and Boo's Room 101

Room 101

Last night Cas from Mummy Never Sleeps tagged me (in an evil manner I may add!!) for the Room 101 linky.
I love how Cas gave the brilliant explanation of what Room 101 is – from it’s creation by Orwell in 1984 as a room that houses your deepest, darkest, nightmares and how it was adopted by the Aunty Beeb and made over into a TV program where people – some may call celebrities picked three things send to hell. Thanks Cas because you saved me a good few hours of procrastination on the web while I googled the life out of Room 101 only to come up with an explanation pretty similar!

Mummy and Boo's Room 101

I’m not going to lie, when I was first tagged I was pretty sure that I’d have no trouble at all in coming up with three things I’d like to banish for all eternity, however this afternoon my desk at work became a shrine to the sticky note as I tried to whittle it down from 40 (yes there was at one point 40 sticky notes dotted around my screen today!) to a solid 3. Drumroll please….


I’m not even sure you can send a mouth action to Room 101 but oh well I just have! Ok so I admit I’m guilty of the odd tutting myself and that’s why I hate them oh so much; they’re contagious, or actually the rudeness that they imply is contagious. I’m no shrinking violet when it comes to voicing my annoyance and that’s probably why I’m so against tutting – it’s a coward’s moan, ruder than a sigh but not as forthright as an ‘Excuse Me!’


As a London girl this surely is of no surprise. I’m still yet to be convinced as to the point of their existence (Before you all start ringing the bird police, no I’m not saying they should be killed!); I simply wish their mere existence could be wiped from living memory. The streets would be cleaner, car windscreens would be safer and I would be able to trot along Embankment at lunchtime without the constant preemptive ducking and diving trying to avoid a physical sticky moment with one of those rats with wings! I’m pretty sure not a single one of you could object to this one!


Ok a little bit weird, granted but bear with me. I don’t actually want to send earphones to Room 101 just the ones that don’t work or just their general temperamental design. One ear works, both ear works, neither ear works! The sight of me running around the streets of where I live must be enough of a spectacle to the locals but chuck in the all too familiar sight of me twizzling the cord just so I can listen to a little classic Beyonce to help scale Mount Rose Hill and you have one crazy lady in action! Surely it’s not that hard to develop pair of in ear speakers that work, have a decent volume range and last more than a week before they conk out!

So there you have it, my case for Room 101. There’s nothing there that brings a promise of world peace, or ending childhood disease; just three little things that would put a spring in my step.

As per the Room 101 linky hosted by the lively Helen from Stickers, Stars and Smiles I’m tagging

Jo from The adequate Parent

Annie from Mammasaurus

Emma from Me, The Man and The Baby

Let me know what you think of my choices, I’d love to hear what your candidates for Room 101 are!

Stickers, Stars and Smiles
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  1. Helen Neale says:

    Thanks so much for joining in, and I agree with the lot….even the earphones one – though the most annoying thing about them is actually those ones that you put right in your ears and actually hurt you…but that might just be coz I have weird shaped ears… *oops* Hope u enjoyed taking part, and the desk wasn’t too much of a mess after the 40 became three! ;[-)

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