Boo's birthday party preparations!

Boo’s 2nd Birthday Party Eve

It’s just after midnight and these were my ramblings from early this afternoon: It’s glorious sunshine outside and I should be baking and decorating 72 cupcakes this afternoon – instead I’m googling the best ways to try and stop icing from melting in scorching hot weather. Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last couple of months tomorrow is Boo’s 2nd Birthday party!

What do you get the little girl who literally has everything? That was the question I asked myself in the new year (ok so I’m a little obsessed with planning ahead)? Why you throw her a giraffe themed birthday party of course!

Boo is a sociable little girl and just loves a party or two so I just new that The Duke’s Head would be the perfect venue. We’ve booked the Lavender room which comes with it’s own private garden; I couldn’t have hoped for better weather – just perfect.

Lots of friends and family are travelling far and wide (I think the furthest is Boo’s Godmother who set off from Plymouth this evening armed with Tupperwares full of giraffe biscuits!)

Yes I’m excited to seeing all my plans and my little attention to details coming to life but what really matters is seeing Boo’s face when she realises that the Happy Birthday song is for her; parties are in my mind designed to create the most wonderful memories and that’s exactly what I intend to stock up on tomorrow!

Time to get some rest as I have a date with a canister of helium at 9am and over 60 balloons!

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