Johnson's Baby Bedtime Range

Babylag and Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Range

Sleep is still a touchy subject for Mummy and Boo; we’re no strangers to the dangers of sleep deprivation and have been open to trying pretty much anything and everything to try to restore some sleep and sanity to my poor soul.

Johnson’s baby bedtime range is designed to help sooth, relax and unwind a baby ready for a good nights sleep; and with NaturalCalms – proven to help your baby sleep better we decided to give it a try.

I’ve always been a firm believer that routines are super important especially when trying to establish a good sleep routine; so bath time is typically right before bed to allow Boo to wind down after her hectic daily schedule of play. Play and more play!

A good squeeze of Johnson’s baby bedtime bath is all you need for a bath full of bubbles which keeps Boo happy while still soft enough on sensitive skin.

Bathtime over and wrapped up in a snuggly towel is one of my favourite times so of the day with Boo. Since she was tiny I’ve played with her toes every night and blown raspberries on her tummy is quiet special time before (fingers crossed) she has her bottle and settles for the night! We’re big fans of baby massage and the baby bedtime lotion not only is clinically proven mild but smells divine – so much so that I may have caught red-handed sampling it myself!

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Range

As Boo has become ticklish, massage time has gone form a quiet affair to a giggle fest but either way Johnson’s baby bedtime range leaves her skin even more kissable smooth and has helped her to settle more easily at night – although we’re still working on her staying settled in her own cot past 1 am!

Not only do they make lovely lotions and potions, the clever people at Johnson’s have come up with an ingenious little survey to help parents determine just how babylaged they are!

Johnson’s describe their newly coined term ‘babylag’ as:

“The indescribable, can’t-keep-your-eyes-open, desperate-for-a-nap feeling only experience by parents with young children.”

Safe to say that I’ve got a bad case of Babylag but then which parent doesn’t! You can take the fun an interactive test here.

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime range is available at supermarkets nationwide.

Disclosure: We were sent Johnson’s Baby bedtime bath and lotion free of charge for review. No payment was received and all opinions are 100% honest we promise.

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