Silent Sunday 25.11.12

Silent Sunday 25.11.12

Dentyl Active Enamel Restore: Stinkies roadtest

Dentyl Active Enamel Restore

I’m pretty sure that if I asked our family dentist they would offer me a designated parking space. What with a one Stinky seeing the orthodontist every three weeks and the other two constantly back and forth to see if they’re ‘ready’ for the brace waiting list I spend a lot of time there. For […]

Boo’s foot biscuits

All wrapped up!

Biscuits in the shape of a foot with your name iced on them, what every little girl needs for her baptism – right? If you’re Boo then yes! Id got the idea after seeing the same thing on the internet (I really should get the hang of Pinterest so I can share all my pretty […]

World Prematurity Day – Operation Yummy Mummy… Again!

A quick cuddle in Neonatal care!

You all know about Boo’s birth – how Daddy wasn’t there and how my experience was pain free; both were due to her being 6 weeks premature. Yesterday was World Prematurity Day #WPD but Boo was in hospital with yet another Health Hurdle and it all looks as if it’s linked to her being a […]

Silent Sunday 18.11.12

Silent Sunday 18.11.12

Silent Sunday 11.11.12

Silent SUnday - Mummy and Boo

Silent Sunday 04.11.12

Silent Sunday