Silent Sunday 30.09.12

Boo's new bathtime toy!

Silent Sunday 23.09.12

Picking her first pet!

Boo’s Health Hurdles

Boo's Health Hurdles

It’s hardly news that Boo was premature. We were blessed to be told by a doctor when she was still too small that we should take our daughter home and enjoy her. We did exactly that and we’re having an amazing time! Recently it’s become clear that Boo has a few health hurdles to overcome. […]

Mulberry at London Fashion Week via Lincoln

Mulberry Spring Summer 2013

LFW, The Week of Fashion, whatever you want to call it London Fashion Week is upon us and in full swing. If like me the Tatler fairy didn’t deliver you a front row ticket, it’s perhaps hard to feel involved especially if you aren’t in the Capital. Yet that’s not damping my mood this morning. […]

My Love Affair With Dresses

ASOS's new dress range

Autumn is just around the corner meaning it will soon be time to start planning winter wardrobes and in particular the Christmas season outfits and for me that can mean only one thing. Dresses! Dresses along with handbags are a subject close to my heart. In fact I feel more comfortable in a dress than […]

Silent Sunday 16.09.12

Pretty Little Feet

Favourite Childhood Toy: Rabbit

Image 3

Say hello to Rabbit who is in fact older than me. He was a present from my Uncle when my Mother announced she was pregnant with me so in essence was my first toy. Over the years people have often asked what his name is and when a toddler I would answer in my clipped […]

Silent Sunday 09.09.12

A Boo Picnic!


Our reminder letter

It’s a little over a month since Boo turned One, which for parents out there know means that Boo is due her MMR. There’s only one thing: I don’t want her to have the triple vaccine or at least I don’t think I do. I’ve always been a woman of facts and figures, so show […]

Silent Sunday 02.09.12

Happy Birthday Mummy!