Silent Sunday 29.07.12

Boo's 1st Birthday

Silent Sunday 22.07.12

ooh What's that?

Silent Sunday 15.07.12

Boo and the colour coordinated swing!

Silent Sunday 08.07.12

Traditional Greek Slippers

The Boo Father, TA and Cupcakes

Cupcakes and Camouflage

The end is in sight. The Boo Father is due home tomorrow after being away for two weeks with the Army. Boo is super excited and is considering cracking out the bunting, although I’m hoping she’ll settle for the cupcakes I’ve baked instead! Ok so it’s only been two weeks, he’s been away for much […]

B is for Boo Biscuit

Boo Biscuits

Boo is partial to fan mail, she receives at least one parcel a week from her most avid long distance fan – Grandma. We never know what treasure our cheerful postie will post through our letterbox but there is always excitement and in the case of Boo frantic clapping and squealing as the parcel is […]

Bump Goes Boo

Boo and Mr. Bump

Our household has been a teary one this week; Boo’s cried, I’ve cried. To be honest it’s not been a pretty sight. So what’s to blame? Illness? Upset? Nope something much more challenging: adventure and frustration! Boo is something of a wizz on all fours now. Whilst she may have taken to crawling rather late […]