This evening started like all other Wednesday evenings, He was playing soldiers at the TA and I was charged with making sure that Boo and the Stinkies made it to bed successfully. So at ten to eight when I was about to bath her highness there was silence; we’d had… View Post

Munching a dirty yet very tasty Burger King meal I am joined by the masses who are on the last train heading for the east midlands tonight in what can only be described as typical commuter territory.   This evening I attended the #AWtweetup held by Anywhere Working.  The idea… View Post

After months of looking and a million yes, no and maybe piles not to mention the lists, relists and short lists we finally found our Brady bunch bunker. What seemed like an eternity of house viewings, bubble wrap and constant stubbing of toes on packed boxes we upped sticks and… View Post