Sunday saw Boo go swimming for the first time. Both He and Me took her with the stinkies coming along to splash around like loons in the big pool. At 7 months old Boo is relatively late to the swimming game, yet due to her being early and struggling to… View Post

Today has been eagerly anticipated by the stinkies and by many children (not forgetting those adults who have a sweet tooth!) and I will be first in line this evening for a pancake or five with the safe but divine topping of lemon juice and sugar. With all the attention… View Post

I better be quick we’re in Starbucks and Mummy’s up at the counter getting a soya / skinny Minnie / eternal youth latte thingymajig. After a few not so gentle prompts from Moi Daddy finally got the hint and realised that it was high time that he buy Mummy a… View Post